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Why Join?

Joining the ARG SurveyService Opinion Panel TM provides you with the opportunity to be an influencer! Share your insights and opinions about possible new products and services, advertising, and other issues that may be important to you and your family.

Your input will help in the development of new products and services and provide companies with information about your experiences and satisfaction.

Who Can Join?

Participation in our studies is limited to residents of Buffalo, Western New York, and the Rochester area. Anyone age 18 and over who resides in these areas can join our panel.

When you join our panel we ask you to fill out a form telling us about yourself and your family. We conduct studies about many different types of products, services and topics with people who want to share their opinions including:
  • Consumers of all ages
  • Business professionals
  • Business owners and decision makers
  • Health care professionals
  • Educators
  • Those employed in manufacturing
  • Service professionals
The more information you are able to provide about yourself, the greater the likelihood that you will be contacted to see if you qualify to participate in a study.

What Happens After I Join?

After joining our panel you will receive emails from us informing you about studies we are conducting and asking you to complete an online survey to see if you qualify to participate in the study. Since every study we conduct has different qualifications in terms of demographics and product usage, not all panel members qualify for every study.

Once you complete the online survey we will contact you via the telephone. If you qualify we will invite you to participate in focus groups, taste tests, home use tests or other types of studies about products and services ranging from food and beverages to banking, music, vehicles and health care services.

You will receive an incentive ranging from $25 to $100 for participating in each study depending upon the type of study.

How Often Will I Be Able to Participate?

Once you participate in one of our studies you may not be able to participate in another study again for a certain period of time based on our client’s requirements.

If you do not hear from us, know that you are still a member of the ARG SuyrveyService Opinion Panel TM..

You will hear from us about opportunities as studies occur.
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