Focus Group and Taste Test Facilities

ARG houses Buffalo’s leading focus group and product testing facility. Featuring flexible layout options, we are able to house traditional focus groups as well as larger taste tests.

After booking your project you will work directly with the ARG’s facility team who are adept at meeting varied project needs including coordinating specific layout, equipment and technology requirements.

Our facility is able to accommodate any type of research setting including traditional conference table style, living room setting, classroom style, child or youth oriented, and any other type of in context setting.

At The Heart of The Buffalo-Niagara Region

  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport - 20 minutes
  • Downtown Buffalo - 15 minutes
  • Niagara Falls - 20 minutes
  • Toronto - 2 hours
  • Rochester - 1 hour
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Buffalo New York

Focus Group Facility

  • Large focus room with sectional table that can seat up to 12
  • Tiered, comfortable, client viewing room can seat up to 12
  • Adjacent client lounge and meeting room with closed circuit monitor
  • Double pane, one way mirror for ultimate soundproofing
  • Light tested decor to ensure optimal video recording quality
  • Wi-Fi high speed access throughout facility
  • Able to accommodate testing of large appliances/heavy equipment and furniture
  • Audio and video files uploaded to secure site following completion of groups
  • Focus Vision video streaming for off-site viewing

Central Location Test Facility
and Test Kitchen
For Sensory/Product Testing

  • Large test kitchen with ample preparation area and power capabilities
  • Three home style ovens, microwaves, and 220 lines for deep fryers and other heavy duty equipment
  • 15+ laptops hardwired at taste test stations
  • Flexible rooms able to accommodate a large number of respondents which can be set up classroom style with secure booths or in any type of configuration required
  • Secure product storage facilities
  • Large reception area for checking in and re-screening respondents
  • Staff has extensive experience with recruiting, setting up and executing Central Location Tests including product preparation, acquisition of equipment required, and administering complicated product rotations
Facility Photos
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ARG SurveyService focus room traditional table setupARG SurveyService focus room viewing roomARG SurveyService focus room living room setupARG SurveyService focus room layoutARG SurveyService test kitchen with chefARG SurveyService taste test respondents and serverARG SurveyService test kitchen ARG SurveyService lobby

Usability Testing

ARG offers website usability and user experience testing  to identify issues with website navigation.

Utilizing Morae software to capture and analyze audio, video and on screen activity, analytic data including time markers and mouse clicks/scrolls are recorded to provide reporting of all keyboard activity and task completion metrics.

The Usability Lab Includes:

  • Dual monitor set up for client viewing of user-web interactions that display the respondent’s activity including the content they are reviewing and the tasks they are being asked to complete
  • Recording of respondent activity for review and reporting
  • Picture in picture recording of respondent activity for review and reporting that helps to evaluate the facial expressions of the respondent to see at what intervals they express confusion, satisfaction, etc.
  • Technician to facilitate and monitor recordings

A usability testing report is provided that includes observational and behavioral experiences based on the ease of accomplishing the required tasks. The report provided is a corrective action blue print for designers and programmers that includes:

  • Ease of navigation synopsis
  • Frustrations and stumbling blocks encountered in completing tasks
  • Behavioral observations
  • Recording of indexing clicks, keystrokes, and other events
ARG SurveyService home page usability testARG SurveyService viewing usability test

ARG Recruiting

ARG has trained, experienced recruiting specialists who are able to find low incidence and difficult to reach respondents. We do the "detective work" required to find that exact respondent who meets all necessary requirements.

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Moderators and Support Services

ARG has experienced moderators and in-depth interviewers on staff with an average of ten years of experience conducting various types of qualitative methodologies locally and nationwide including:
In addition to moderating, our experienced qualitative team offers the following additional support services:

Field Management

ARG has developed relationships with research companies in other markets that meet our high standards in terms of facilities, staff and capabilities. Through these relationships we are able to effectively manage any type of qualitative or quantitative single or multi-market project.

Our capabilities include: