Quantitative Services

The ARG staff has expertise in reaching varied business and consumer markets. Our experienced project managers, programmers, and interviewers are able to collect data utilizing any one or a combination of quantitative methodologies.

Online/Mobile Surveys

ARG provides solutions for online survey research including survey design, programming, hosting, sample acquisition, quality assurance and analytics.
  • We provide the expertise required to craft effective and meaningful online surveys. Provide your questions and we will program the survey. We can also help you write your survey questions - just provide us with your study information and objectives.
  • Able to program basic to complex surveys.
  • ARG programmers can provide design and layout recommendations for an enhanced survey experience.
  • House and manage customer files in secure environment.
  • Able to obtain respondent sample from select group of panel partners who have been vetted to ensure best practices for panel development and maintenance.
  • Surveys are programmed to be optimized and responsive according to screen size including PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • ARG will program and host your survey including the following:
    • Secure survey hosting with unique ID log-on
    • Email survey link to respondents and track and send reminder emails
    • Support multiple languages
    • Provide real time statistics and secure dashboard
    • Able to brand surveys with custom domain
    • Able to integrate multi-media into surveys
    • Notifications can be set up to immediately make you aware of a customer's issues or complaints in order to be able to react and address immediately
Man taking survey on cell phoneARG SurveyService online surveyARG SurveyService online survey dashboard

Telephone Surveys

When email addresses are unavailable or online panel counts are insufficient for business or consumer populations, telephone interviewing affords an opportunity to reach these populations. Telephone interviewing is also an effective means of obtaining more in-depth information from respondents.

This methodology is particularly effective when interviewing C-suite executives in the financial services, health care and manufacturing sectors. Telephone outreach is also effective when identifying and recruiting respondents to participate in an online or in-person study.

ARG has a skilled Business and Consumer interviewing and project management staff. Services provided for telephone studies include:

  • Survey/screener design
  • Sample design and acquisition
  • Programming
  • Coordinate cross platform studies
  • Provide data file in preferred format including SPSS, Excel or ASCII
Types of telephone studies we conduct include:
  • Consumer studies
  • Business studies
  • In-depth telephone interviews
  • Cross platform integration of telephone interviewing and web-based stimulus
Woman with telephone headset looking at computer screen

ARG SurveyService Telephone Center

  • Our interviewing staff has an average of 5+ years’ experience. Regular training about effective consumer and business interviewing protocols ensures quality data collection.
  • 20 web-enabled stations able to access proprietary CATI systems as well as client provided platforms.
  • On-staff programmers well versed in sample integration, establishing quality checks, and expedient trouble-shooting.
  • Knowledgeable Telephone Center Managers and Quality Assurance staff assures that projects are completed according to specifications within time frames and cost parameters.
  • Bank of 800 numbers that are customized to meet the needs of each study. We have found the use of an inbound toll-free number a particularly effective way to increase response rates for B2B studies.
Man opening envelope with mail surveyMultiple envelopes with mail surveys

Direct Mail Surveys

Direct Mail continues to be a widely used methodology to obtain insights from varied populations.

Direct mail can be used either as the primary methodology or as part of a multi-mode study.  For example a survey packet cover letter would indicate that the survey can be returned via the mail or via an online link provided.

Other multi-mode direct mail methodologies include a mailing followed by telephone calls to provide non-responders the opportunity to complete a survey on the telephone or to have another survey mailed to them.

ARG is experienced in conducting large scale direct mail research studies including the following:
  • Survey/Cover letter design and layout
  • List procurement
  • Printing/Production/Laser imaging
  • Merge/Personalization of cover letter and surveys
  • Insertion/Mail-piece assembly
  • Quality assurance
  • Business reply mail return and processing
  • Incentive insertion, receipt tracking and tabulation
  • Toll-free number provided for technical support
Types of Multi-Mode Direct Mail Methodologies include:
  • Phone-mail-phone
  • Product testing with product and survey provided via direct mail and survey returned via Business Reply Envelope (only pay postage on returns)

Coding/Data Processing/Tables

ARG compiles the data collected from various methodologies into SPSS or Excel for cleaning and review.

Services provided include:
  • Data entry, cleaning, verification
  • Coding of open end responses
  • Data dictionary development
  • Compile data in multiple formats, SPSS, Excel, ASCII, etc.
  • Report ready tables
  • PowerPoint charts/graphs
  • Banner/stub tabulation of data including:
    • Statistical testing, including t-test, z-test, ANOVA and Chi-Square
    • Weighting, sorting, netting of rows and horizontal and vertical percentages
    • Produce complete variable distribution showing percentages, cumulative percentages and numerous descriptive statistics.
SPSS data screenFrequency of service provided bar graph