UX-User Experience Evaluation
Sector: Health Insurance
Benefits Exchange Provider

Test ease of selecting and enrolling in health insurance plan on exchange including the selection of additional benefits.
Research Solution

Designed and Administered Website Usability Test

Conducted navigation testing with participants given specific tasks and scenarios to select benefits and complete enrollment form. Also observed and captured data related to participants product experience, ease of navigation, and frustrations to elicit subjective data following the product experience regarding ease of use, consistency and simplicity.
Key Insights

Enrollment experiences provided designers and those responsible for marketing with valuable insights pertaining to difficulties encountered with specific tasks as well as the ability to view and select various plans and benefits, and interests in potential benefit offerings.

While the participants reacted positively to the concept of the health insurance exchange and the ability to select a plan and benefits themselves unique to their needs, the need for the site to be user friendly to prevent frustrations that may influence completion of the enrollment and selection process was made clear.

Based on the insights and UX metrics the exchange was redesigned and tested to become an award winning industry leader in online benefits exchanges.