Brand Image/Develop Customer Profile
Understand Unmet Needs
Sector: Household Products
Candle/Accessory Manufacturer

Develop profile of purchasers of decorative candles, perception of candle brands, and use of candles in creating atmosphere in a home to create sales and marketing campaign materials. Derive deeper insights into product category needs to guide new product development.
Research Solution

Qualitative/Quantitative-Focus Groups followed by Online Survey

Conducted focus groups and ideation sessions to develop visual images of candle use in home and feelings created by use of candles using multi-media materials. This was followed by a national online study to further explore brand image and identify category product unmet needs.
Key Insights

The creative exercises revealed a strong relationship between the atmosphere created in a home and the use of candles, as well as category brand loyalty and perception regarding scent and burn quality.

Marketing and promotion materials, catalogs and new product development were based on visual images created and new product ideas obtained from study insights.