Distributor and Regional
Sales Team
Satisfaction and Needs Assessment
Sector: Chemicals Manufacturing
‍Global Coatings Manufacturer

Assess satisfaction with product offerings, technical support and marketing initiatives and identify unmet needs to ensure continued sales and support of brand.
Research Solution

In-Depth Qualitative Exploratory Sessions Conducted

Conducted series of in-depth sessions regionally to ensure input from national Dealer and Sales network. Dealers who met specific sales volume metrics and were primary dealers of brand were invited to attend meeting. Discussion focused on product and technical support, sales incentives, enforcing dealer network guidelines, identifying unmet needs, and future industry trends.
Key Insights

Results indicated a potential deterioration of brand loyalty based on lack of enforcement of network guidelines and pricing, and possible cannibalism of dealer network by competitive brands. Unmet needs were identified in terms of lack of personal contact by sales rep as well as R&D related to future trends and influence on product needs.

The need to increase communication with the Dealer and Sale network on a consistent basis was identified to address issues identified as well as industry trends and strategic positioning.