Brand Image/Loyalty/
Customer Profile/
Unmet Needs Assessment
Sector: Housewares
Cutlery Manufacturer

Understand brand image and loyalty, develop customer profile, and identify unmet needs and potential new product development ideas. 
Research Solution

Qualitative Ideation and Focus Group Sessions

Conducted series of ideation sessions and focus groups in several markets with current customers to develop better understanding of brand image, brand loyalty, and profile of customer to use for sales, marketing and promotion initiatives. Unmet needs were also explored for new product development and sales and marketing opportunities.
Key Insights

Confirmed fierce loyalty to brand and longevity of brand and product usage passed down through generations. Developed a deeper understanding of product usage in the household, and how the brand is very much a part of daily life. A clear and unique customer profile was developed to build sales and marketing initiatives around.

The insights enabled the company to leverage its strong brand equity, product quality, and customer satisfaction to minimize risk and maximize sales and profits within specific market segments, and offer new sales, marketing, and gift giving opportunities.