Brand Image/Logo Development
Sector: Banking
Regional Bank

Update logo to better reflect brand vision and values and improve visual impact of the logo and brand identification in the retail banking environment.
Research Solution

Qual/Quant Multi-Mode Methodology

To obtain quantitative data as well as more in-depth understanding of brand and logo perceptions, a series of quantitative sessions were conducted with customers and non-customers in current and new markets to determine which logo was perceived to best represent the bank’s brand values, was most visible in a retail environment, and to identify any issues associated with any of the potential logos. A visual presentation was created to expose test logos and names as they would be seen in a real world retail environment to test reactions, recall and perceptions. After completing a preference survey, respondents were broken into smaller discussion groups to derive more in-depth understandings regarding logo perceptions and preferences.
Key Insights

Identified preferred logo in relation to established objectives; however the need to further revise this logo was also identified to incorporate other elements as well as deeper, brighter colors to stand out and be more visible in the retail environment.

The data and insights derived from this research were used by the ad agency to create a logo and branding that was representative of the established objectives and met all criteria.