Advertising/Direct Marketing Effectiveness
Sector: Health Insurance
Medicare Insurance Provider

Understand how Medicare Eligible and Influencers gather information and select Medicare Advantage Plans. Determine which print campaign and direct response materials have strongest call to action and greatest likelihood to motivate attendance at community meetings.
Research Solution

Qualitative Focus Groups

Conducted focus groups with Medicare Eligibles age 65-79 and Influencers to evaluate print and direct response marketing materials designed to help in the plan decision making process, and motivate attendance at community meetings.
Key Insights

Medicare Advantage information needs to be presented in easy to understand layman's terms that explains plan coverage and costs in a comparative grid format. Attendance at community meetings is preferred to be able to have questions answered in person. Most effective means of informing about community meetings is via information received in the mail and large, colorful newspaper inserts.

Comparative plan benefit grids and marketing materials were created based on insights as well as full page color newspaper and direct mail ads about open enrollment and community information meetings.