Product and Package Design Preference Test
Sector: Tobacco
Private Label Cigarette Manufacturer

Primary:  Determine influence of new package design on maintaining current brand users and gain market share from competitive brand users.

Current Brand Users: Brand image, primary reasons for purchase, new package and logo design preference, and influence on future purchases. 

Competitive Brand Users: Brand awareness and image, primary reasons for purchase of current brand, product preference after blind taste test, package design preference, and influence on future purchases.

Research Solution

Blind Home Use Test/Online Evaluation by Competitive Users followed by Qualitative Focus Groups with Both Segments

Competitive brand users sent product to test at home and complete an online sensory attribute test survey prior to the groups. Focus groups were conducted to develop insights regarding brand image and awareness and product evaluations. Prototype package designs were tested against current design and competitive brand design for preferences and impact on future purchase decisions.
Key Insights

While many of the competitive brand users rated the cigarettes equally unbranded, there was significant brand loyalty exhibited with the new package design and other incentives and pricing having little to no influence on switching brands.  Current brand users did not react favorably to the new package designs and logos, and felt they would create confusion regarding the types of cigarettes.

Based on the insights  derived from the research, the package and logos were re-designed using colors more similar to the current branding to create less confusion regarding type of cigarette, while still creating a newer and more inviting competitive branding.  Couponing as well as other types of promotions were also identified to motivate competitive brand users to purchase and try other brand.