Concept Testing/UX-User Experience/Intent To Purchase
Sector: Education
Software Developer

Determine interest in and reactions to product concept of supplemental online math program targeted to middle school students to test usability of program and viability of product. Research conducted with students, parents, and math teachers.
Research Solution

Multi-Mode Methodology: Concept Test Focus Group/Online Usability Experience/Post Use Focus Group

Research conducted with students, parents, and math teachers. Conducted focus groups to test concept followed by in-home use test; complete post use online survey, and participate in post-use focus group.
Key Insights

Results of the research indicated strong interest in the product based on concept description; however there was significant dissatisfaction with usability of program and software by all segments.

Clearly defined improvements were identified to make the program more user friendly and provide exercises that were more grade level and skill appropriate. Based on strong interest in the overall concept there is significant potential in bringing this product to market pending program improvements.