Taste Test
Sector: Food Products
Private Label Food Manufacturer

Confirm that private label products including mayonnaise, catsup, and jelly categories match or are equal to leading category brand leaders in relation to sensory attributes including taste, texture, mouth feel, etc. to motivate purchase of private label products when only variable in addition to brand is price.
Research Solution

Sensory Taste Test

Conducted monadic and comparative blind test in which the brand category leaders and private label product in each category were tasted and evaluated for specific sensory attributes and purchase intent.
Key Insights

Test results indicated that the private label products were rated equal to or better than the category brand leader in terms of taste and other attributes, and would be purchased by many if there was a significant enough price differential between private label and the category brand leader.

While the test did confirm the equality of the private label and brand leader regarding taste and product attributes, there was however a segment that based on brand loyalty would not consider private label even with a significant cost differential.